At Kensington, we aim to promote independence, resolve and responsibility. Student-led Committees allow for students across all year groups to engage in activities that allow them to show leadership skills and a commitment to a common cause.

At present, Kensington School benefits from a ‘Charity Committee’ and an ‘Eco-Committee’, this last one working towards achieving ‘Green School Status’.


Charity Committee

Formed by the pupils in September 2016, the Charity Committee have been responsible for organising events, which have raised thousands of euros to support worthy causes.

Committee events have included bake-sales, costume competitions, a Valentines Day flower delivery service across the whole school and an annual Halloween party. Pupils plan and promote the events throughout the school community, raising awareness as well as money for charities they have selected and researched themselves.

These include aid for Syrian refugees, aid for those affected by floods in Peru and donations to a variety of children’s charities. In addition to their fundraising, they meet every week to prepare sandwiches for Barcelona’s homeless in collaboration with the local charity, Esperança.

Eco Committee

At Kensington we have a Junior and Senior School Eco-Committee. The members continuously carry out a variety of environmental surveys and each year and create action plans choosing key focus areas. These vary from things such as; food waste, recycling and water usage.

These committees have a parent and a staff liaison and with them, our students work to promote those causes that are important to them, displaying key skills such as budgeting, advertising and promotion as well as team-work and compromise. We are very proud of what they continue to achieve.

The Eco-Schools programme is the ideal way for Kensington to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both the school and the local community whilst having a life-long positive impact on the lives of students, families, staff and local authorities.

There is still lots of exciting Eco-work to be done at Kensington, our Junior and Senior Student Eco Committee members are enjoying the journey with the help of Mrs Bruyeron and Mr Vanderheyden.


Senior School Student Voice

The Student Voice Working Party was inaugurated in January 2021 with the goal of giving all secondary pupils a voice in their educational experience at Kensington School. Each year, students are invited to stand as representatives to speak on behalf of their peers, with the responsibilities of listening to what other pupils in the school want, and attending a weekly meeting in which all the representatives discuss, develop and bring to fruition the projects requested by their peers.

One year in, the Student Voice has already had a considerable impact on school life, with extension tokens now being used to help pupils with homework bottlenecks, and the wonderful Study Buddy programme in full flow, as older students meet weekly with younger ones to develop their skills in specific subjects. Buoyed by this success, this year's team are currently in the process of collecting ideas for new projects to work on.

Anyone who wishes to become a member of the Student Voice Working Party can apply in December to form part of the team that will run the show from January to the following December; members appoint a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary to lead them in bringing the projects to life. All of those involved gain great satisfaction in knowing they are working on behalf of their friends to make the school the kind of place where everyone wants to study; their involvement is also a real feather in their cap when it comes to applying to universities.

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