I am delighted to write a short note on the school, its successes and the vision for the future. Founded by my late father, Edward Paul Giles, Kensington School remains true to the ideals he set out when the first intake joined the school in September 1966; personalised learning through small class sizes, pastoral care that focuses on the needs of the individual student and the pursuit of academic excellence. Almost sixty years later, these key principles remain and are the cornerstone of all that we do.

Thanks to the hard work of all, our school is able to position itself as one of the leading academic schools in Spain; results year-on-year at GCSE and A Level to support this claim. Naturally this would not be possible without the dedication of our committed and experienced teachers who do so much to support student learning. As a small family run school, we are fortunate to have a very low staff turnover and a body of staff that feel valued and supported.

Our current site was purpose built in 1988 and despite the limitations for growth that a city centre school presents, every effort is made to improve our existing facilities. In the past years, there have been significant improvements to the school site and we aim to make our ‘small’ school as attractive and appealing as possible.

One of the pleasures of an international school is that student intake is extremely varied and the many nationalities enrolled at Kensington gives it a truly multicultural feel and encourages values such as respect and tolerance. We are keen to promote our Alumni network and always follow with interest the career developments of our former students; the very nature of our school means that there are Kensingtonians around the globe. It is not uncommon for former students to visit with their families whenever they return to the city and reminisce about their school days.

I trust that if you are an existing parent, your views and opinions of the school are positive and aligned with all that we do - thank you for your continued support. If you are a parent visiting this site for the first time, I hope that it encourages you to come and visit us and see for yourselves what makes our little school so special.

With best wishes,

Duncan Giles,


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Camaraderie in this school is like nowhere else

Lazar, Form 5