Our student body is very international and it is a joy to see children from around the world coming together each day to take advantage of everything Kensington School has to offer.

Kensington's curriculum and learning is tailored to each students individual needs. With small class sizes teachers are able to tailor their lessons and activities to every child's requirements. The teaching and learning not only embraces everything that contributes directly to learning and examination success, but also all the sports, activities and creative enterprises that promote the moral, physical, social and emotional development.

Everything we do is about teaching and learning, giving students opportunities to test themselves, to see challenges and solutions from a range of perspectives, and know the exhilaration of success. We offer an education, in the broader sense.

In this section you can read more about the curriculum and how it changes and advances as your child moves up from Nursery at age 3 all the way up to our Sixth Form at age 18.

Kensington School means working together to accomplish more.

Victoria, Form 2