Welcome back to Kensington School!

For almost half a year we have been looking forward to the day when we would be able to open our front gate and welcome our students back to school. This morning the sixth month wait was over!

It was a real pleasure to see so many enthusiastic and lively youngsters eager to return to class, meet up in person with their friends again and restart learning with their teachers.

During the summer our Covid -19 Committee has worked hard preparing for today and we were all delighted by the successful and smooth way in which the first day back at Kensington functioned.

We especially appreciate the cooperative manner in which the children adapted to the new-normal; there are so many differences in the arrangements compared to mid-March but our students took these changes in their stride.

We must also thank all our Kensington families for being fully prepared for the unusual way of operating a school - together we are ensuring that everyone is as safe as possible given the circumstances.

The 2020/21 school year has begun. No-one knows when a vaccine will be found to allow us to return to our previous ways but until then today has shown, beyond doubt, that the Kensington community will work together, whatever the regulations, to ensure that our students continue to receive the high quality education to which they are accustomed.

Well Done and Thank You - a great first day back after such a long wait!