Summer 2020 - A Level Examination Results

Well done Sixth Form!

Fourteen days quarantine is normally an unattractive proposition; not so for our Upper Sixth students who are excitedly preparing for their first days at university, albeit in isolation.

Dealing with unusual situations is something they are now rather good at having successfully overcome many unexpected challenges in recent months. Their first was spending almost five terms preparing for exams which were then abruptly cancelled.

How would they cope with online learning? Would they be able to maintain their composure as the assessment system suddenly changed? Would they have the determination to continue to work after Easter away from school? Most importantly, would they still be able to achieve the demanding targets set by their chosen universities?

We now know the answers to these questions...

They coped magnificently. Staying calm and determined, and most significantly supporting each other, this great group of young people are now embarking on the next stage of their educational journey at such respected seats of learning as Imperial College, London, University College London, Bath, Edinburgh, Exeter, Hult,, Manchester, Sussex, Warwick and Waseda in Japan.
Four amazing students managed to secure the uppermost grade, an A*, in every single subject they entered; four others remarkably scored all As or A*s.

Everyone did well - not a single Kensington School student has failed an A Level subject for the past three years.
In a year of national grade inflation our percentage of top grades, A / A*, exceeded the overall English schools´ figure by a new Kensington School record of 38%; some two-thirds of all our students secured these highest grades.

Our enduring mix of very small Sixth Form classes, well qualified and keen Junior and Senior school teachers, highly supportive families and totally committed students has, yet again, produced a stunning set of results of which everyone can be extremely proud.

We are delighted with the on-going success of our Sixth Sixth, their outcomes and the opportunities that Kensington School can provide them with.

A LEVEL Results 2020