Kensington Award expeditions to Parque Natural del Garraf

On the weekend of 16th and 17th April, 16 students set out from different points in the Parque Natural del Garraf to begin their Kensington Award expeditions.

Throughout the year, these students have been working hard and getting out of their comfort zone through new experiences based on volunteer work, a physical challenge and learning a new skill.

After several months of planning routes and learning basic first aid, orienteering skills and how to cook on gas camping stoves, they were finally ready to test themselves.

All groups successfully navigated their way to the campsite in Sitges, where they pitched their tents and cooled off in the swimming pool. The following morning they set off again and all successfully navigated their way to a train station and back to Barcelona, with groups having completed 25 - 40km of hiking over the two days.

It was a wonderful experience for the students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and see what they are capable of achieving. The positivity and enjoyment on the students' faces throughout the expedition was fantastic to see and we congratulate them all on their determination, perseverance and skills.

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