Kensington School Sixth Form is one of the leading British Sixth Forms in Barcelona, committed to helping our students achieve success.

The Sixth Form at Kensington offers a wonderful opportunity for students to discover and develop their talents. It is about far more than great teaching and learning; it is about individuals thriving as they shape their characters whilst being encouraged to follow whichever path they so choose. In 2020, Year 13 students achieved an amazing 65% of papers graded A* or A opening a door for students to continue their studies at their desired universities.

At Sixth Form level, we offer AS and A2 Advanced Level examinations again via Edexcel in London. Conventionally students will follow courses in four subjects although some may decide to do three or five examinations depending on their career aspirations.

Academically, the Sixth Form at Kensington offers the opportunity to really stretch oneself. Subject teachers will certainly have high expectations of their pupils, given the excellent GCSE results which they will have achieved, and this will be reflected in the quality of the work they will produce in their final years. Students can choose from Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Art, Physics and Spanish at this level. A non-examinable course in either Physical Education or PSHE is also available.

A Levels are recognised as the best pre-university course leading to first degree university entrance worldwide. Students must be fluent in written and spoken English to meet the demands of their A Levels, apart from the language courses, which are taught in the language studied.

Sixth Form pupils also play an important part in assisting with the smooth running of the school: all members of the Lower and Upper Sixth have a responsibility to set good examples to younger students.

We are a traditional school, not a Sixth Form college. This means that Sixth Form students are expected to be at school at all times. We insist on them attending a number of supervised study periods since background reading and research are essential for success at Advanced Level.

- A dedicated Sixth Form social area and study centre
- Small, seminar-style classes
- A wide range of extra-curricular events and clubs including Model United Nations
- Additional staff time and one-to-one support
- Opportunities for enterprise through the British Chamber of Commerce
- Guidance with applications to universities worldwide
- Experienced UK qualified teachers.
- Opportunities to assist and guide younger pupils

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Kensington School is a place that helps me achieve my goals and dreams.

Zoe, Upper Sixth