In the Senior School Kensington School follows the National British Curriculum of England and Wales with small modifications to take into account our international context.

The broad and balanced Key Stage 3 (Forms 1, 2 & 3) curriculum includes Art, Drama, English, French, Games, General Science, Geography, History, ICT, Music, PSHE Education, Physical Education and Spanish. Although most subjects are taught in mixed ability class groups, progress in Spanish and French is best achieved in small sets of around 10 in a group.

Students are entered at the age of 16 for the external iGCSE/GCSE public examination of the Edexcel Examinations Board, of which Kensington School is a recognised ‘Edexcel Centre for Learning’.

Normally exams in nine subjects are taken from a choice which currently includes Biology, Chemistry, English Language (First Language or Additional Language), English Literature, French, Geography, History, Art, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish. Occasionally students will prepare themselves for exams in their mother language since such qualifications are accepted by some universities and colleges.

Senior School students attend weekly assembly which often focuses on moral or contemporary issues. Topics covered in PSHE are often emphasised in assembly. It is common for pupils to lead assemblies as a way of encouraging their public speaking and presentational skills.

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