Throughout Key Stage 2, children work to improve the literacy and numeracy skills in accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines.

Scientific investigations are covered with an increasing emphasis on using technical vocabulary when explaining why things happen. Children are encouraged to develop inquiring minds as they study WW2, The Egyptians, The Tudors as well as modern influential leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Many of the skills introduced serve pupils to prepare them for the transition to Secondary School.

Students also complete lessons in French and Spanish and use these as a base to develop when in Senior School.

ICT forms an integral part of the curriculum and the children learn a range of ICT skills whilst putting their knowledge in other subject areas into practice. Children complete projects using software ranging from paint-tool pictures to word-processing programmes.

In Junior 6 pupils are expected to display signs of independent research and study and are encouraged to read on their own. In addition to academic expectations, both Junior 5 and Junior 6 pupils are seen as role-models for younger pupils in the school and as such high levels of good behaviour, tolerance and respect towards others are all required.

The academic standard is high and children with EAL (English as an Additional Language) are offered daily support classes to improve their level of written and spoken English.