The children in Junior 1-3 learn about the world around them through Science, History and Geography. They cover topics such as ‘Ourselves’, ‘Materials’ and ‘Growing Plants’ and they enjoy participating in Science experiments.

As students progress through the Junior School they learn and develop their numeracy skills with emphasis being placed on their understanding of the operations and topics to enable them to apply their mathematical knowledge to a variety of real life situations and contexts. We promote good behaviour, respect and tolerance for others through positive reinforcement and a system of merit stickers and certificates that the children cherish.

Through the use of folk tales, short stories of information texts, children improve their speaking, listening, writing and understanding of the English language by acquiring the skills to find information from the texts they read and manipulate words and phrases to invent descriptions, stories and poems.

In Geography they discover different countries and cultures, weather and food through topics such as ‘Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?’ This area of study is particularly relevant in a school like ours where there are so many nationalities represented in the classroom.

Many aspects of their work are shown through ‘Art and Craft’ displays both in and out of the classroom, making their place of study a colourful and stimulating environment which is essential to learning in a happy and relaxed way. They also allow the children to connect with their more creative selves and gives them the opportunity to share their own work with their peers.

Music, Physical Education and Swimming allow children to develop a broad range of skills and helps them develop their creative talents as well as developing the necessary coordination and motor skills. ICT forms an integral part of Key Stage 1 as they start to learn ICT skills while also putting their knowledge in other subject areas into practice.

Kensington School - a friendly and inviting community of hard-working pupils and dedicated teachers.

Lucas S, Form 2