Zero Waste Easter Egg Hunt

Just before the Eater break, J3-J6 took part in a zero waste Easter egg hunt.

There were 10 yogurt pots which each class had painted hidden around the school premises. Each pot has one had a letter on it.

Each class had to find all of their pots and try to form a 10 letter word. The first class to do so was the winner and received a special Easter Treat.

All of the children absolutely loved searching for the pots and the word. In the end the winners were J4!

They found all the yogurt pots and the 10 letter word “FRIENDSHIP” in five minutes and fifty seconds.

Great Teamwork!

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Copy of FAC934 F9 3 A45 4 CCA 92 FC B9 D1 FB6 E0 CA9
Copy of 3553001 F A20 F 4 CBF A6 FB D3 D7 D0 A67 EA0
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