Students visit Parx de l'Oreneta

On Friday 26th May, J6 and F1 took a break from theatre rehearsals and exam revision to head out to the Parc de l'Oreneta for a teambuilding session to kick off the final set of "Transition to Secondary School" activities of the year.

With the aim of honing key skills necessary for a successful start to senior school life, teams were set a number of tasks which encourage them to communicate, collaborate and work on time-management, creativity and perseverance. In one activity, teams were tasked with creating a work of art using what they could find around them in the forest; in another they had to work together to create a pyramid of cups using only string and an elastic band. The forest setting of the Parc de l'Oreneta was the perfect location for students to use the space, clean air and peaceful surroundings to work with their teams on their tasks.

The transition to Form 1 can be a daunting experience for our J6 students; this activity gave them the opportunity to have their fears quashed by the resident F1 "experts" who, by working together as a team, showed that the J6s will not face the step up to senior school alone.

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