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Welcome to Kensington's Septembers newsletter edition of the academic year 2022/23


Dear Parents,

The new school year began with over 40 new students which we are delighted to welcome into our wider Kensington School community. We trust that the transition into their new school has been successful, and judging by the smiles and positive disposition witnessed at the school gates on a daily basis, it would seem we have all achieved this.

The start of the school year also welcomed the arrival of 4 new members of staff, Claire Cheetham (Head of Geography) and Julia Barker (Key Stage 3 Geography/History) in the Senior school and Rebecca Litherland (Key Stage 2 TA) and Tiffany Joly (EYFS TA). All have settled in well and are a welcome addition to the school staff. We wish them every success as they embark on their careers at our school.

Public examination results ranged from very good to excellent, in particular in GCSEs. Our A Level results enabled almost all students to access their first choice university. These were the first exams to be awarded without TAGs (Teacher Assessed Grades) and we were delighted with the attitude and commitment students showed towards them.

Over the summer, work was finalised on the ICT Suite that is now more accommodating; it boasts a new acoustic ceiling, natural lighting and replaced flooring as well as new work benches and seating for students. This year also sees a welcome return to GCSE ICT as we are re-joined by Steve Evans after his sabbatical.

Much of the start of term was taken up by the sad news of the passing of our late Queen Elizabeth II. A series of assemblies and presentations were arranged to celebrate her life and students showed a mature level of respect towards the significance of the late Queen. The school remained open the day of the State Funeral but the ceremony was streamed live and watched by all members of the Senior school and Key Stage 2 in the Junior School.

Finally, many thanks to those who were able to attend our 'Meet and Greet' which offered new parents the opportunity to meet teachers for the first time. We hope it was enjoyed by all who came and look forward to further events over the coming months. The next of which, at the end of the month is Halloween and preparations are in full swing as we collaborate once again with the K-Parents group.

We look forward to another wonderful school event on Wednesday 26th October and invite you to read the articles of this months happenings below.

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September's News Articles

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