Senior School Sports Day

Last month, the spirited camaraderie of our school community was on full display as students from our three Houses—Lancaster, Middlesex, and Victoria—converged for the highly anticipated Senior School Sports Day.

Beyond just athletic prowess, this event served as a catalyst for fostering unity and teamwork among students, with points earned contributing to the coveted end-of-year House Championship.

Amidst the track and field competitions, it was heartening to witness students of all ages and academic years rallying together in a spirit of solidarity. Whether cheering on their peers, offering words of encouragement, their collective enthusiasm underscored the inclusive ethos that defines our school community.

As the dust settled and the final scores were tallied, it was with great pride that we congratulate House Lancaster, the champions of 2024.

Their dedication, sportsmanship, and unwavering commitment to excellence. A great occasion that truly brings our school together, a testament to the power of collaboration and mutual support in bringing us closer together as one united school family.

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