Outdoor Learning with Form 1

What a beautiful spring day it was for Form 1 to head off into the hills for a morning of outdoor learning!

In keeping with their current PSHE topic "Healthy Lifestyles" students walked the 1.2km to the forests of the Parc de l'Oreneta, after which the fun really began.

First, a session of "tree hugging" alerted the children to the importance of being in tune with their surroundings and the mental health benefits of being out in nature can have. Students worked in small groups and blindfolded one and other then were guided to a tree by their partner after which they then touched the tree, considering the texture of the bark, the feeling underfoot and feeling to see if the tree had any low-lying leaves or branches. After removing their blindfolds, they had to then identify the tree they had touched based on its features.

This was followed by a strenuous "nature gym", where students were tasked with creating their own outdoor gym circuit using the trees, rocks and forest floor around them before testing out some of these activities on their classmates. They are definitely in shape after some of these workouts! Form 1's English task of the day had them locating something that was out of place in their forest surroundings and writing a short biography of its life.

Sadly, students found many waste items which shouldn't be there, ranging from cigarette butts to juice cartons and disposable masks, highlighting the importance of keeping our public parks and forests clean and free from litter.

In science, Mr Goodman had the students locate fallen leaves and flowers which could then be pressed over time.

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It was a hugely successful outing which, judging by their enthusiasm, the students thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that we're already thinking about when we could do it again.