October's Monthly Newsletter


We are delighted to share this latest newsletter with you. As you will see, the school continues with its efforts to ensure that student learning extends beyond the classroom and our thanks to the Art department for organising such inspiring trips for our students, we are very fortunate to have the city's vast array of art exhibitions with which to inspire our young artists.

We have poets as well, and the entries for this year's National Poetry competition were excellent. All focused on the theme of the 'Environment', very in keeping with our status as an Eco-School. Congratulations to our winners and our thanks to those students who chose to take part.

Students in Form 5 and the Sixth Form were able to enjoy two separate university fairs, one organised by the school and hosted by us and another run by the British Council. As Upper Sixth students begin to make their university choices, tutors, subject leaders and members of the Senior Leadership Team are all on hand to guide them with their choices and support them in their applications. Those applying to the United Kingdom through UCAS have a January deadline, so as is to be expected, this is a particularly busy time for students and staff. The school has contracted the services of 'Unifrog', a UK based online platform that will go some way towards making this whole process easier for them.

Kensington has already welcomed visitors from the University of British Colombia (Canada) and will host both ESADE and La Salle in the coming weeks.

There was also time for some festivity, as the school came together for Halloween. Form One with the 'Cereal Killers' were the worthy winners of the inter-form fancy dress competition but there were also winners in the Junior School for their pumpkin carvings. Thanks go out to the efforts of the K-Parents, the day ended with a Halloween Ball and a wide-range of activities for all to enjoy.

And finally, Christmas will be soon upon us and the school had already launched its yearly Christmas card competition and is planning a Christmas themed 'Meet and Greet'.


A Kensington Winner!

We are proud to share news that our very own Claire Cheetham, Head of Geography recently won the 4th charity run in support of children's hospital 'Sant Joan de Deu'.

Over 1600 athletes took part in the run, organised by the El Prat Rotary Club, with Ms Cheetman coming first in the ladies category.

Our congratulations to her and to all those who took part, a fabulous 21,466€ were raised. Well done to all.

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United Kingdom Maths Trust Challenge

A Level Maths students in the Sixth Form as well as the five highest scores from the 2021 Intermediate Challenge in Form 5 took part in the annual UKMT Senior Maths Challenge (2022).

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National Poetry Day

Thursday October 6th, the United Kingdom's National Poetry Day, was the culmination of weeks of poetic creativity at Kensington School.

Those students who had written poems, performed them in front of their class, and been adjudged worthy of qualifying, were invited to participate in the lunchtime poetry slam final in the school theatre, an annual event that hit new heights this year.

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Junior 2 learn about healthy eating

Fruit and vegetables are part of a healthy, balanced diet and it is important we eat enough of them. Evidence shows that there are significant health benefits of eating at least five 80g portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day.

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Form 3 art students visit The World of Banksy

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist and film director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed and the subject of speculation.

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Sixth Form Further Education

Students in the Sixth Form are already considering their options for further education. Those in the Upper Sixth have begun to prepare their UCAS applications and are busying themselves with their final choices and personal statements.

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Halloween at Kensington School

Kensington celebrated Halloween across the whole school with a variety of different competitions and activities.

All of the Senior School forms took part and there was a unique array of costumes and themes that caused a chill and cheer for all present. The Junior School took part in a pumpkin carving competition which served as wonderful bright decorations as the school entrance too!

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