Model United Nations

Kensington School students from Form 5 and the Sixth Form took part in the 10th BCNMUN conference, 24th-26th November.

Nearly 400 delegates from 16 schools across eight countries took part in this year's event. 'Polarization' was the general theme for the conference and our students, acting as delegates for a variety of countries were able to lobby, pass motions, debate and finally vote on a number of resolutions discussing key issues such as prison reform, voting rights, the legalisation of synthetic drugs or attempts to eradicate human trafficking.

The experience not only afforded them the opportunity to research and debate these key issues but also provided them with a platform to improve public speaking, engage in serious discussions as well as allowing them the change to engage and socially interact with peers from around the world.

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An excellent initiative, our thanks to the American School of Barcelona for hosting the event.