Miró-Picasso for Form 1

Form 1 students recently had the pleasure of immersing themselves in the captivating 'Miró - Picasso' exhibition at the esteemed Museu Picasso.

Guided by their art teacher, Ms. Lewis, the students, currently exploring portraiture and Cubism, embarked on a journey through the works of these Spanish masters.

Featuring over 250 pieces sourced globally, the exhibition offered a compelling dialogue between Miró and Picasso, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Picasso's passing. Led by their knowledgeable guide, Pau, the students delved into the artistic evolution of both luminaries, absorbing the rich tapestry of their creations.

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Armed with sketchbooks, the students translated their inspiration into diverse drawings, capturing the essence of the exhibited artworks. Additionally, they delved into Cubism through focused research on Picasso's seminal contributions to the movement.

Their experience not only deepened their understanding of art history but also sparked creative exploration, evident in the impressive pieces of homework they produced. With newfound insights and inspiration, Form 1 students departed the exhibition with a heightened appreciation for the enduring legacy of Miró and Picasso.

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