Kensington School visit Berlin

Berlin is a city of fragments and ghosts, a laboratory of ideas, the fount of both the brightest and darkest designs of history's most bloody century.

No other city has repeatedly been so powerful and fallen so low, few other cities have been so shaped and defined by individual imaginations'
- (Rory MacLean, Berlin, 2014)

Kensington School History students enjoyed a three day trip to the city as part of their GCSE and A Level studies. The city has played a key role in the shaping of the post-war world after 1945 and our students enjoyed visits to historical educational sites such as the Bundestag (formerly Reichstag), Brandenburg Gate, Cecilienhof - the site of the Potsdam Conference, 1945 and the Berlin Wall amongst others.

Berlin 3

Our thanks to all who took part and hope they enjoyed this most enriching experience.