Kensington School Ski Trip 2022

70 Kensington students enjoyed a fantastic few days in the Pyrenees, skiing and snowboarding in the resort of Espot. We were lucky to enjoy two mornings of fresh snow and sunny days, which meant fantastic conditions for everyone.

We were delighted to have two groups of students snowboarding for the first time along with several groups of skiiers of all levels, from students taking up skiing for the first time to our group of experienced and expert skiers.

The students managed to conserve some energy for the evenings, notably racing around the village of Espot one evening to complete Mr Very's infamously tricky scavenger hunt. Overall, we had a wonderful time and it was lovely to see so many Kensington students outside and enjoying themselves with their friends.

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The 2022 Kensington Ski Trip was a huge success! Everything was planned out wonderfully and went exactly to plan and everyone, including me, had a fantastic time! The bus ride was nice, we stopped for some lunch and got back on continuing our journey to Espot - it took nearly four hours! The village in Espot was lovely and quiet and peaceful. When we woke up we had some delicious breakfast and then the most important part - we went skiing!!! This was the best time I've had skiing, the fun was endless - the monitors were great and we learnt lots. We had two lessons each day and we had free time to ski with our friends as well, which was really fun! Lunch was really tasty and it was nice to have a little break from so much skiing! After skiing, we could do so many things like go on a walk, take a relaxing shower, watch some TV and have fun with our friends in our rooms! I recommend that everyone goes on the ski trip to Espot, if you have the chance, because everything you want for skiing is there for you. Hotel Saurat was really nice and I enjoyed staying there every night with my roommate. We did a fun scavenger hunt around Espot one evening and another evening we played pool, table football and danced with the teachers! We couldn't have had so much fun if it wasn't for Mr. Kelly, thank you so much for making this the best trip!

Nicole, Form 1

We are already looking forward to returning to Espot for next year's snow-sports trip.