Kensington School Parent Survey Feedback

We would like to thank all parents who completed the Kensington School Parent Survey.

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Your feedback is highly appreciated, both in our areas of strength and where you feel the school could improve. We embrace continuous improvement and want to ensure that Kensington is the best possible learning environment in school for our students, staff and parents.

The three areas that you believe Kensington excels in:

1. Teaching staff

2. Quality of education

3. Academic Achievements

The three areas that you believe the school needs to improve in:

1. Facilities

2. Extra-Curricular Activities

3. School Catering

98% of our parents are either likely or extremely likely to recommend the school to other parents.

We are delighted to share news that work on the school site has been planned in various areas across the school.

Thank you to all of our parents for the continued support in, your feedback means a lot to us. Please see the Survey Feedback pdf below.

I admire how the Kensington School's leaders approach their work with an earnestness and a commitment and a system of coherent beliefs that do much to transcend the challenges of our times.

Senior School Parent