Junior School Ski Trip (La Masella)

We were delighted to have so many students in J5 and J6 join us for our first ever Junior School Ski Trip.

Students travelled to the nearby La Masella resort for two full days of skiing. The snow was good, the sun was shining and everyone had a wonderful time. All students received two hours of lessons from the ski station instructors and were able to enjoy time skiing with friends under the supervision of their class teachers, Ms Russell and Mr Kelly. My Vanderhayden and Miss Hannah were also on hand to support and assist.

These trips not only allow students to discover the pleasures of skiing for the first time or to develop skills in a sport they already enjoy, it also affords our oldest Junior School students an opportunity to develop skills, independence and spend time away from home and school with friends and peers.

We thank all who took part and look forward to a repeat visit in 2024!

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