Junior 1 Students study famous artist, Joan Miró

Junior 1 children have been learning all about the famed artist Joan Miró. He was a painter, sculptor and ceramicist.

He was known for his use of simple shapes, bright colours, and the symbolic meaning of his artworks. His art is often described as being child-like, dream-like, and playful. J1 students have been attempting their own Miró inspired work with spectacular effect in the classroom.

His work is classified as Surrealism. Surrealist artists, such as Miró, Dalí, and Breton, wanted to show our dreams and unconscious thoughts through art, creating unexpected and irrational images.

Miró didn’t like the conventional painting methods, believing they resulted in staid and conservative work. He wanted to make changes to the established ways of creating and thinking about art, and to innovate.

He began making art in his childhood and continued throughout his life, using new styles, materials and ideas into his old age.

Junior 1 students enjoyed a guided tour of the museum and were able to experience first hand the work of the great master. The outdoor space has a number of his sculptures which our students have been able to recreate using plasticine.

Joan Miró was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1893. He died in 1983 at the age of 90 in his adopted city of Palma de Mallorca.

More information on the artist and the museum can be found at: www.fmirobcn.org