J4 "Listen Up!"

To culminate their exploration of the 'Listen Up' topic, students from J4 embarked on a captivating visit to the 'Auditori' within the Catalan Music Museum. Here, they immersed themselves in the rich history of musical instruments from around the world.

Guided by knowledgeable educators, the students delved into the invention and development of musical instruments, marveling at the diverse array on display. The highlight of the visit was an interactive workshop where they had the chance to play and experiment with various instruments, discovering the intricacies of tone and rhythm.

Through hands-on exploration, the students not only honed their musical skills but also gained a deeper appreciation for the universal language of music. The workshop reinforced key concepts from their studies while fostering collaboration and creativity among classmates.

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As they departed the museum, the students carried with them a newfound passion for music and a sense of accomplishment from their immersive experience. Their visit to the Catalan Music Museum had left a lasting impression, sparking a lifelong love for the transformative power of music.