J2 discover a mysterious egg in the garden!

Towards the end of last term, the children in J2 discovered a mysterious egg in the garden.

They were not sure what kind of animal might have laid it so they asked Miss Barnes, the Biology teacher, to come and see it. She said that it was very rare and that she thought it was probably from something between a bird and a reptile. The children wondered if it could be a dragon!

They wrote letters to the university and a biologist named Christina, (whose twin sister Anna coincidentally works in the office), came to examine the egg. After X-raying the egg, she was able to tell us that she believed it was indeed a dragon’s egg!

The children were extremely excited and made a list of any clues that they found. They then went on to write their own imaginative dragon stories.

Just before the Easter holidays, we found that the egg had hatched and observed tiny footprints leading away from the egg!