Form 4 GCSE Art

On the 22nd of November 2022, Form 4 GCSE Fine art students visited the MOCO Museum and the Picasso Museum. Kensington School students are fortunate to be able to enjoy the vast opportunities the city provides and were able to enjoy exploring a wide range of inspiring modern, contemporary and street art at Moco by creating observational drawings and critically analysing the artwork on display.

The exhibition from Studio Irma whose quote opens this article was especially impressive and the experience was enjoyed by all. Students also visited the nearby Picasso museum.The Picasso museum Barcelona is a key reference for understanding the formative years of Pablo Picasso. The genius of the young artist is revealed through the 4,251 works that make up the permanent collection. The Picasso museum is very rich in regard to work from the formative years in the life of the artist; it is practically exhaustive up to the Blue Period. The Museum also houses an important representation of works from 1917 onwards, and the series Las Meninas (1957) as well as a comprehensive print collection.

Whilst we are always proud of the learning that takes place within the school, there are times when 'Barcelona is our classroom'.

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Art is like a bonfire. It is where the storytelling begins – projections, feelings, conversations, connections. We sing together. We dance together. The bonfire is a movement and an artwork. You are invited. – Studio Irma'

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