Form 3 Trip to Lyon

In a fitting conclusion to their Key Stage 3 French studies, students embarked on an enriching trip to the captivating city of Lyon.

Here, they had the invaluable opportunity to apply their language skills acquired over the years, immersing themselves in the vibrant French culture and cuisine.

Beyond the classroom, students explored Lyon's myriad attractions, from the mind-bending illusions at the Musee de l'Illusion to the rich history showcased at the silk museum.

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Additionally, they had the chance to delve into the world of puppetry at the renowned guignol museum, all while savoring the delights of traditional French gastronomy.

This experience not only deepened their appreciation for the French language and culture but also broadened their horizons, fostering a sense of curiosity and cultural empathy.

Très bien et merci à tous for making this unforgettable journey possible!

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