'El Lazarillo de Tormes' theatre visit

Students in Form 2 and Form 3 visited the 'Centre Catolic de Sants' theatre to see the play 'El Lazarillo Tormes' play in support of their Spanish language studies.

The play is based on the book 'La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades' that was first published in 1554 and is by an anonymous author. It tells the tale of a young boy, Lazaro de Tormes from his birth in the XVIth century, all through his adult life and eventual marriage.

A witty and poignant tale of growing up and overcoming adversity, the performance enabled students to experience this seminal play first hand and some of our students were even able to join in the performance themselves as they were invited onto the stage during the show.

We trust our students enjoyed the experience and further developed their love for Spanish literature.

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