Does university define you?

We were very happy to welcome Cristian Conti (1994) back to Kensington School, where apart from reminiscing about his experience as an A Level student at the school, he was able to share his choices for university study and the various career paths he took since graduating.


Cristian shared how he came to choose Economics at UCL and his subsequent career choices. His professional life began in the world of finance and investment banking and evolved through film funding, production, writing and creative direction. Cristian explored whether where and what you study defines who you are or who you become.

A most interesting hour was spent with our Sixth Form students, he also had time to reconnect with his A Level French teacher, Jacqueline Grandhomme who continues to inspire students to this day!

Our thanks to Cristian and our post-16 students for an insightful and thought provoking afternoon.