Biology at home!

As part of the transport in plants topic, students experimented at home through different mediums to explore and combine their knowledge and studies of plant biology.

Let's take a look at their work and what our students discovered from their exciting experiments.

Lydia Form 4 imprint of stomata carried out at home

Lydia in Form 4 made an imprint of stomata by painting the underside of a leaf with nail varnish, removing it with sellotape and zooming in on the imprint with her camera to show the pores which allow exchange of gases and water vapour.

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Dune in Form 5 used her creative skills to produce an illustrated, step by step explanation of Eutrophication where the leaching of fertilisers into lakes and rivers causes the death of aquatic organisms.

Eva Form 5 genetic engineering

Eva in Form 5 used her imagination and creativity to model genetic engineering showing how a gene can be removed form one organism and placed into another.

Semyon Form 4 demonstarting surface tension at home
Anna Form 4 carrying out an experiment at home on surface tension

Anna and Semyon photographed their experiment on surface tension of water as part of our work on the movement of water through plants. They added drops of water onto a coin, counting how many drops they could add before the water leaked off. They then added detergent to the coin and repeated the experiment. By doing so discovering that detergent interfered with the surface tension and that afterwards, they could only add a few drops of water before it leaked off the coin.