Ultimate Tournament BEACH

Ultimate tournament BEACH

On Saturday 20th May, we played an ultimate Frisbee tournament on a beach called MARBELLA. There were Marco, Oskar, Sofia N, Sofia J, Mehmet, Marta, Ali and Lydia. We won all the matches, the scores were the following:

Kensington school 5 3 Balandrau S14
Kensington school 6 1 Mas BoaDisc
Kensington School 6 2 Vallès UP

In my own opinion, I had a lot of fun playing with my friends, and I also learned more rules and strategies to improve my skills. After each match we would play a spirit game with the other team and they were all very nice to us. When we weren’t playing the matches we would go into the water and come out refreshed. After all the matches had ended, the person that organized the tournament would read out the results. I had a wonderful day.
Lydia (F1)

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