Table Tennis Match Report

As word of table tennis excitement spreads around the school, the club saw an unprecedentedly high turnout this week with a number of non-members coming along to join in the action. Arkin, Mark, Claudio and Alessandro added to an already thriving ping pong community and we even broke into an impromptu game of football whilst players were waiting for spaces to become available at the tables. Below are the match reports:

Katharine and Sae Ha 1 – 0 Sofia N and Sofia J

Katharine and Sofia J 0 – 1 Sofia N and Sae Ha

Katharine and Sofia N 1 – 0 Sae Ha and Sofia J

Mehmet 11 – 8 Leo

Round the World Champion – Oskar

Concluding thought

Another good week. See you at the next meeting.

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