On the 5th of May, the Senior School held a ‘mini’ Sports Day due to the fact that members of Form 5 and above did not participate due to exam commitments. As our captains were not available on the day, the Vice-Captains took charge and as one of the leaders of the winning House – Victoria – all I can say is that the day was amazing.
The atmosphere with everyone encouraging their House mates and the screams of support from my fellow Captain may have added a ‘certain something’ during the day.
For the first part of the day, we participated in the field events and having witnessed two school records being broken, the audience really roared. The event is competitive, but friendships are not ignored – I myself pulled a hamstring whilst running the 400m and was helped to cross the finish line by another House Captain, we crossed it together!
The day was excellent and nothing beats seeing your best friend and fellow Captain almost lose their voice whilst cheering or seeing your own team shout in victory.
Rahul Dham
Victoria Vice-Captain.

On May 5th a mini sports day took place in L’Hospitalet Nord. It was the first mini sports day due to exams in the upper years, so only Forms 1 to 4 participated. It was a sunny day and the pupil’s enthusiasm could be felt even in the bus – everyone was singing, screaming and cheering. There was a variety of sports such as high jump, long jump, shot put, discus throwing and running (100, 200 and 400m) relay and the tug-of-war. It was nice to see that everyone was cheering for each other regardless of ability or House.
Overall, the mini sports day was a definitive success and it seemed like everyone was having a fun time.
Furthermore, we give special thanks to all the teachers who helped organise, prepare and make everything happen.
Che Eun Shin
Victoria Vice-Captain.

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