Special English classes are available for all non-native speaking children from Nursery to Junior 6 until they have reached the level in which their class are working.

The aim of our English teaching programme is to develop in the learner the 4 basic aspects of communication: understanding, speaking, reading and writing. We aim to develop the increasing ability to understand a native speaker of English in different contexts and the progressive ability to sustain a conversation with English speakers; taking into account different accents. Children practice language simulating everyday situations. The language taught in the classroom acquires increased meaning since it has immediate functional use around the school.

Children are in small groups enabling individual attention to a variety of needs. The children benefit greatly from working in small groups, especially regarding oral work as children are encouraged to discuss personal experiences. Quiet children appear more confident speaking in smaller groups.

Much of the work is reinforcing and supplementing work carried out in the mainstream English class. Work is also based on a child centered approach whereby each works according to his or her own capabilities and needs. Different grammar points are class-taught and are followed up by written exercises; individual help being given when necessary.

Our programme aims to send children back to mainstream English when we believe they are sufficiently prepared to follow the literacy scheme without the need for so much individual assistance.

Mrs. S. Douglas
Special Englsih