Monica and Laura in Year 12 have kindly commented about their recent visit to the local university fair. In the photo they can be seen researching their university options.
Monica writes :
Having decided that I wanted to apply for medicine at universities in Barcelona, I was keen to go to ‘el salóde l’ensenyament’ to learn more about the courses, the teaching and how to apply, given that I have studied all my life in a British school. In the event I visited 3 universities, Universitat de Barcelona, Univeristat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, which are the universities I looked up online and I am interested in.
I visited the medicine faculty of these universities and asked about the entry requirements, if I required any official Catalan certificate, in what language the courses were, what different subjects I could choose and when and where I would carry out practical work in a hospital. Yes, I had many questions!
I also visited the stand of information of ‘la Generalitat’ in order to ask how to apply to Spanish Universities (given that I am a foreign student, and the process of applying is different than that of Spanish student) via the UNED, to know exactly how I have to prepare, when I have to request the ‘credencial’, and when I will take the official Spanish exam of ‘la selectividad’ (prueba especifica).
This University fair gave me an opportunity to clear my doubts about the transition from an English school to a Spanish university, taught me more about what a medicine career implies and gave me a better idea of what the Spanish education is like, therefore making me feel more confident about applying and studying in Spain.

Laura also went to the fair armed with many questions although in her case courses in Law were her focus. She adds:
Just before the Easter holidays our Lower Sixth students were very pleased to have the opportunity to attend a Spanish university fair. A vast number of our students participated in order to get in contact with universities and, especially, to find specific information on their undergraduate courses. It must be said that, although the advisers were young and, in some occasions, not that well informed, the fair gave our students a sound understanding of how to be a good applicant to a Spanish university.

Some of the best-known and the most unique universities were represented at this fair: Examples are ESADE, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, UPC and La Salle. It was a highly useful experience for our students also due to “espai ciencia” (science space). This was a section of the university fair in which every student could observe researches and experiments that had been carried out by students of the university they represented.

The students would like to thank Sra Campama for researching the event and for Madame Grandhomme for preparing them for the event and escorting them to the fair.

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