SCIENCE department

The Science department at Kensington is committed to enriching the learning experience and enhancing your child’s interest in Science. Kensington School has invested in a new scheme of work, which will help develop your child’s learning experience and cater to their individual levels.

The new ‘Exploring Science’ curriculum teaches students to explore science inside and outside the classroom, with a greater emphasis on “How Science Works”. Your child will be given more opportunity to explore science using key skills and processes that they will develop. This will allow them to apply their knowledge to new situations. For example learning about the energy and the environment will allow them to make educated decisions about their carbon footprints.

Students will have the opportunity to further their research skills in IT lessons. For example students will be able to research “the evolution of dinosaurs”, “animal behaviour” or a “well known scientist”. This is assessed in the form of a presentation.

Assessments include inquiry, application and creative skills. This will be carried out in the form of practical thinking approach to science and formal assessments. This will help to identify the progress of your child.

Parents can monitor the completion of homework, which will comprise of a mixture of project work, extended class work and research skills. Revision for tests which will occur at the end of every unit and for end of term exams is an essential requirement for progress.

Miss M. Vich
Key Stage 3 Science