In October, the elections for the School Council took place. The Council represents the views of the student body and is made up of 2 members from each Form group. The Council meets on a monthly basis and discusses topics that are of interest to the school pupils. Meetings are usually attended by a member of the School Management Team and pupils are encouraged to propose initiatives that are aimed at the betterment of the school and its pupils. The Council is also responsible for charity fund raising and during the recent ‘Children in Need’ event raised over €2000. The Council representatives for the 2012-2013 academic year are:
Form 1 – Sofia Chumillas and Leonardo Portone
Form 2 – Che-Eun Shin and Nityan Veggia
Form 3 – Greta Portone and Pedro Rocha da Costa
Form 4 – Anjana Veggia and Callum Lory
Form 5 – Zainab Masood and Alexander Cohen
Sixth Form – Sindu Ilancheliyan and Soong Kyu No

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