Physical development in the foundation stage is about experiencing and improving coordination, control, manipulation and movement. Exercise helps children gain confidence in what they can do and enables them to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active as well as developing a positive sense of well being. At this stage pupils start with swimming lessons.

At Key Stage 1 pupils explore basic skills, actions and ideas with increasing understanding. They are asked to remember and repeat simple skills and actions with increasing control and coordination. Pupils also learn to apply rules and conventions for different activities and to observe, describe and copy what others have done.

At Key Stage 2 athletic activities such as taking part in competitions that call for precision, speed, power or stamina are added and pupils are asked to use running, jumping and throwing skills both singly and in combination. These activities are alternated with numerous invasion games as well as striking and field games. Pupils continue with swimming lessons once a week and learn to swim unaided for a sustained period of time over a distance of at least 25 metres.

In the Spring Term, all Junior School pupils take part in a Sports Day event at the L’Hospitalet Nord Sporting Complex where they are able to put into practice much of what has been learnt throughout the year.

Mr R Vanderheyden
Physical Education teacher