At Key Stage 3, a wide range of sports and activities are offered, as pupils at this key stage have 4 lessons per week. Pupils are taught to refine and adapt existing skills as well as to implement strategies. They have to take the initiative in order to analyse their own and others work and use this information to improve its quality.

At Key Stage 4, pupils take part in competitive games and use advanced techniques and skills specific to the games played with consistency and control. In gymnastics they compose and perform sequences, both on the floor and using apparatus, in specific styles, while applying set criteria. In athletics, pupils use advanced techniques and skills with precision, speed, power, stamina and technical proficiency.

A Sports Day event is held in the Spring Term at the L’Hospitalet Nord Sports Complex, where pupils take part in a variety of track and field events.

There are also a number of competitive matches in various sports against other international schools in the city.

Mr. R. Vanderheyden
Physical Education teacher