The following report has been kindly written by Abigail and Nacho as our budding Junior School journalists.
This morning all the Junior School participated in a recycling meeting that Miriam kindly took. The first group were J3 and J4. The second session was for J5 and J6. The meeting took place in the theatre. The topic was recycling.
Miriam mainly spoke about recycling glass in the green bins but she also mentioned plastic (yellow bins) and paper / card (blue bins ).
Miriam did not mention the name of a green container but mentioned it in an animated way because instead of calling it the green container she called the recycling bin “Mr. Iglu”!! This is a mobile phone app which she asked us to use.
We would like to thank Miriam very much for visiting our school. She works for the local Barcelona council. We now want to encourage everyone to use the recycling bins in the city to protect our wonderful environment.
The attached photographs show Abigail and Nacho writing this article, the Mr Iglu logo and two views of J5 at the presentation.

Article written by Abigail Woodward, J3 and Nacho Pagonabarraga, J6

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