Junior School Headmaster, Mr. Steve Evans led the weekly prize giving assembly this Friday. Pupils are recognised for their academic, social or community achievements. For the week ending 23rd January the following pupils received certificates of merit.
Reception: Petr for trying to be kind and helpful.
Junior 1: Alex for her acrostic winter poem/
Junior 2: Alisa for her neat presentation and excellent progress in Maths.
Junior 3: Samaira for her enthusiastic attitude to learning and her independent research on class topics.
Junior 4: Peter for continuing to seek ways to improve his work and succeeding in doing so.
Junior 5: Lucilla for taking her time and carefully considering how to construct the different elements in her bionome.
Junior 6: Oliva for working conscientiously on all her task.
The Mrs. Douglas Awards is for Catalina in Nursery for trying so hard to improve her spoken English.
Many congratulations to all of the above. Very well done indeed.

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