Junior School Headmaster, Mr. Steve Evans led the weekly prize giving assembly this Friday. Pupils are recognised for their academic, social or community achievements. For the week ending 24th April the following pupils received certificates of merit:
Nursery: Yule for kindness displayed to classmates.
Reception: Eva for her excellent behaviour during the ‘Spring Walk’.
Junior 1: Sophia for her well written, expressive recount of the story of George and the dragon.
Junior 2: Abigail for her story on the hungry dragon.
Junior 3: Pashmina for listening carefully and responding well to the story of Perseus.
Junior 4: Sarah for her excellent work on plant growing.
Junior 5: Sofia N for being focused on work, avoiding distractions and being consistently well behaved.
Junior 6: Arielle for excellent progress with projection and control when singing.
Mrs. Douglas Special Award is for Lucas (J2) for very good written work using the correct verb tenses.
Many congratulations to all the above. Well done.

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