Junior School Headmaster, Mr. Steve Evans led the weekly prize giving assembly this Friday. Pupils are recognised for their academic, social or community achievements. For the week ending 17th October, the following student received merit certificates:
Reception: Emilia for her excellent model submarine.
Junior 1: Jee Hyuk for continuing to be helpful to teachers.
Junior 2: Claudia for her delicious smoothie recipe.
Junior 3: Malena for her accurate and very well crafted model of teeth.
Junior 4: Misha for his enthusiasm in all subjects especially Mathematics.
Junior 5: Rodian for continued efforts to improve his spoken English.
Junior 6: Sasha for her modern opening to the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet.

Finally, the Mrs Douglas award for the week goes to Hassan for his beautiful poem about happiness.
Many congratulations to all of the above. We look forward to finding out who next week’s winners are.

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