Junior School Headmaster, Mr. Steve Evans led the weekly prize giving assembly this Friday. Pupils were recognised for their academic, social or community achievements. For the week ending 28th November, the following pupils received merit certificates:
Reception: Marco for completing his tasks with great care and concentration.
Junior 1: Gee You for the interest shown when drawing animals, especially a carnival lion.
Junior 2: Lucas for his continued hard work in finishing his homework on the Study Ladder.
Junior 3: Nikita for his spectacular Roman shield.
Junior 4: Vladi for the help and assistance he gives his peers in the completion of their work.
Junior 5: A whole class award for their excellent achievement when studying the First World War.
Junior 6: Claudio for his stunning vocal performance when recording ‘Imagine’.
The Mrs. Douglas Special Award is presented to Sofia from Nursery for her continued efforts to speak English at all times.
Many congratulations to all of the above. Very well done indeed.

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