On Monday 16th of February as part of their History studies on ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ students in J5 visited the Egyptian Archaeological Campus and the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona. Students learnt about the work of an archaeologist and took part in an archaeological ´dig´ to excavate a replica of a real Egyptian tomb.
Digging carefully to remove the sand from the tomb they uncovered the ancient artefacts that were buried there. Over the course of the morning they found (among other things) a sarcophagus, wine vessels, building tools, wooden tools of measurement, a clothes box and an ushepti box. Angeles, an expert Egyptologist, explained the function and story behind everything that the children discovered.
After the dig students entered another replica of an Egyptian tomb. It was covered in hieroglyphics and Egyptian images. Here the children learned about the different types of hieroglyphic symbols that the Egyptians used.
In the afternoon, pupils went to the Egyptian Museum and saw a large collection of Egyptian artefacts. A workshop about the mummification process was carried out and students were able to re-enact part of a mummification ritual!
The experience was very educational day and children gained further knowledge of some aspects of life in Ancient Egypt, as well as develop discovery and research techniques, and of course team work.

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