Junior 2 trip to the Zoo

On November 15th, the children in J2 spent a fantastic day at Barcelona zoo, as part of our science topic on animals and English work about letter writing.
In the morning, they visited the zoo’s Department of Education, where they were shown a collection of animal skeletons and skins to identify, touch and discuss. They were then taken on a very educational guided tour, (in English), and enjoyed seeing the kangaroos, wilder beast, zebra, hippos, monkeys, Comodo Dragons, seahorses, sea lions, dolphins, penguins and many more!

After stopping for a picnic lunch, the children were excited to be joined by a special visitor called Michael, (interpreted by Makar Vinogradov from Form 2). Michael is a fictional character, from the book “Dear Teacher” by Amy Husband, with whom the children have been communicating, by e-mails and letters, over the past few weeks. He was due to start school in September, but was unexpectedly called away, by the secret police, on a mission to rescue a lost explorer on Everest. His adventures continued as he searched for a treasure map in Egypt and the treasure chest in the Amazon.

Michael was happy to answer the children’s questions about his experiences, including his encounters with some evil pirates, and he kindly brought along the chocolate treasure to share! He played with the children in the playground, on the roundabout, zip wire and slides, before accompanying us to see the baby orangutans and the big cats. We even saw some tapirs and capibaras that Michael had met on his travels in the Amazon!

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