J3 Roman museum visit

J3 stepped back in time, 2000 years, on their visit to the Roman museum of Badalona. Underneath the museum in the town centre lie the remains of a Roman town. Pupils were able to walk along, following the original roads passing the public baths, shops and houses on their way.

They also visited a Roman town house, ‘Casa de los Delfines’, where they could imagine how a wealthy Roman would have lived a luxurious life. They could see the various rooms decorated with floor mosaics and furnished in the style of the time.

The class finished their visit with a writing workshop. Here, they experienced writing Roman letters with a bamboo stick dipped in ink. They also looked at many models of Roman artefacts associated with writing.
Miss Gill even managed to acquire a couple of slaves whilst there! (photos of Dobromir and Veronika)

The excursion was enjoyed by all and brought to life the Romans topic that the class have been working on in History.

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