Intermediate Maths Challenge 2017


On Thursday 4 February 2017 30 students in Forms 3 and 4 took part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Freddie from Form 4, to his great annoyance, was one incorrect division away from achieving a place in the Mathematical Olympiad which is offered to the top 500 pupils in each year group and instead qualified for the Pink Kangaroo a world-wide challenge inspired by the Australian Mathematics Trust. The equivalent challenge for Form 3 pupils is the Grey Kangaroo and this year Cheni achieved the level needed to be invited to sit it. Well done to these two pupils who will sit the Kangaroo Challenges on Thursday 16th March.

The following pupils also did very well to achieve certificates:

Freddie (Form 4)
Cheni (Form 3)

Kevin (Form 4)

Zoe (Form 4)
Yuki (Form 4)
Andri (Form 4)
Laura (Form 4)
Robin (Form 3)

Well done to everybody who took part and we look forward to reporting on the Junior Maths Challenge that will take place on Thursday 27 April.

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