Edward Paul Giles, a graduate of Cambridge University founded Kensington School in 1966. The aim of the school was to provide a British education for the international community in Barcelona. It started with a small group of secondary level pupils and prepared them for the ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels of the GCE. The school opened a primary department in 1968. It grew gradually over the years to its present size of 260-270 pupils between the ages of 3 and 18 years.

Those years saw the school move location three times, from Calle Reina Victoria, to Cardenal Vives I Tuto and then again to Carretera de Esplugas 86 in 1972. This was the school’s last site prior to a move to purpose-built premises in 1988. The new building was formally opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II in October of that year.

The school was not selective – a policy that exists to this day. It aims to provide a sound education for all pupils, regardless of different backgrounds, nationalities, levels of achievement or ability.

Edward Paul Giles passed away in 1999 yet his legacy remains to this day. The school preserves the same guiding principles that he set out whilst
making the necessary changes that time and technology demand.

Kensington School is noted for its excellent results in the GCSE and GCE  ‘A’ Level examinations and is a recognised examination centre for Edexcel International.