The Kids Lit Quiz is a quiz for people who enjoy reading. Kensington School participated in the second “unofficial” Kids Lit Quiz for BISA group of schools. It is “unofficial” because there is one “official” competition in which you can become champion of the world!

The schools that participated were: BSB, ASB, ES international school, BF IS and, of course, us, Kensington School. On the day of the event, we left school at 9:15 and took the bus to the bottom of a hill and walked the rest of way up to Benjamin Franklin. When we arrived we had a small tour of the school and then, the quiz started.

During the quiz there was a projector with the questions on it. The quiz master read them out loud and then you had 15 seconds to debate in your team and write the answer on a white board. After the time was up, the quiz master told you if it was correct or not, and then the judges wrote it down on a piece of paper.

Some of the questions were very hard, making you think about books you would have read 2 years ago! Others were a bit easier. No team seemed to be clearly in the lead so it was a very evenly matched competition. The quiz was two hours long, and then we had lunch. We were told to mix so I sat with a charming boy from St. Paul’s School.

Lunch was roast chicken with bread and vegetables; it was delicious. After that there was a small prize-giving ceremony during which we found out that BSB was the winner with ASB second and BSB team 2 third. I very much regret that we didn’t get anything, except for a bag with a notebook, USB and mouse pad, which was a token for participating!

In conclusion, it was a fun day even if we didn´t win , and I really hope I can go next year, and I also encourage people to sign up and go to the next one; trust me, it´s worth it.

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